Why Women Should Date Multiple Men



I’m going to start by saying it’s about dating multiple men, not sleeping with multiple partners.  Dating several men at the same time will give you a chance to explore your options while comparing your dates for the qualities that you’re looking for.  You will also be able to see who sparks your interest, compatibility and chemistry.  Perhaps dating someone other than your “type”, may be worth trying.

The more men you date, the greater the chance for you to find the one that is right for you.  It will help to prevent you from settling.  It isn’t necessary for you to disclose to your dates that you’re dating other people.  If you’re not in a serious relationship, then you don’t have anyone to answer to.  You are free to date as many men as you like.  If a man asks, then you can tell him that you are exploring your options.

Sometimes we don’t really know exactly what we are looking for in a relationship.  Dating multiple people will enable you to find out what you don’t want, that’s for sure.  (LOL)

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