What Men Want in a Woman

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Men want a woman to respect him, be loyal to him and to appreciate him.  They want women to be supportive of them and to stand by them as well.  A man wants his woman to be confident and independent.  He seeks her attention and admiration.   Initially, her looks are important.  Men are visual, so it will be a physical attraction at first, later on her personality will matter.   Most men aren’t looking for a super model for a girlfriend.   As long as he finds something appealing about her.

A man wants an honest woman, one that he can trust.   Men want women that complement them and their lifestyle.  He wants his woman to enjoy sex and to initiate sex once they are in a relationship.  Maturity is another quality men want in a woman. An emotionally stable woman, that is also drama-free would be appealing to most men.

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Have More Sex For Better Health

love - more sex, better health


Having sex frequently strengthens your immune system.  It helps to fight off germs, viruses, diseases and some cancers.  The more you have sex, the more you’ll want to have.

Sex is exercise.  You burn calories, it raises your heart rate and strengthens muscles.   It sure beats dieting and going to the gym.   Love making also keeps hormone levels balanced, is good for the heart, can lower blood pressure and helps you live longer.

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Dating a Younger Man

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There is no reason why a woman should lessen her options by eliminating a man, simply because he is younger than she is.  Men date younger women all the time, so why shouldn’t women have that same option.  Of course, we know that men usually take much longer to mature and become responsible than women, but there are always exceptions.  You may feel you have to train your “boy toy.”  Maybe that’s a good thing, because at least he is trainable.  (LOL)

Usually a younger man will be more spontaneous, adventurous and more fun.   Have you ever heard a young man say, “She’s a MILF?”   Boys sometimes have a crush on their female teacher, his girlfriend’s mother, etc.  It’s often the younger man who pursues the older woman.   They tend to be attracted to her sophistication, style and physical attributes.   As long as he is of legal age, love between two consenting adults is love just the same.  Age is just a number!

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Keys to Happiness


Happiness is a state of mind.  You have to choose to be happy.  No other person can make you happy, if you aren’t happy within.   Loving  yourself is the basis of being happy.  Having gratitude is also key.  Being thankful for the positive things in your life is a good start to being happy.  Accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

You must have goals, something to look forward to, or to work at accomplishing.  Friends and socialization, connecting with people can make you feel happy.  Volunteering or helping others can also make you feel good.  Finding things that you are passionate about and involving yourself in them;  whether it’s a hobby, a sport, learning something new, all helps us to feel good about ourselves.

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Succeeding at Long Distance Love

love - long distance love


In order to be successful in a long distance relationship (LDR), both parties must be secure, and the trust must be there in order for their relationship to survive.  It isn’t going to easy, but it can work.

Communication is key to a long distance love.  There should be a lot of talking, sharing and listening to each other.  There’s skype, facetime, web cam, phone calls, texting, sexting, etc.  You have the access to see each others faces daily.  Keeping in touch on a daily basis can assure both people that they are committed to the relationship.  It takes continuous effort on both sides to make time for each other.

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Is it Love or Lust?

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In the beginning of a new relationship it may start as infatuation and sexual attraction, which is lust.  Lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy.  It is usually a temporary feeling that doesn’t last.  Being in lust can sometimes lead to love.  Men are visual, so generally they lust after a woman initially, then it grows into love.

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Dating a Married Man, Isn’t Worth It


Married men generally “want their cake and eat it too”.  They seldom leave their wives and children for the other woman (less than 5%).  It’s nothing more than a fling to them.  They aren’t available, so you have to rearrange your life to accommodate his.  You will be his secret love.  He can’t publicly date you or introduce you to his family and friends.

His wife and children will always come first.  Holidays most likely will be spent with his family, leaving you alone.  You are at his beck and call, because you can’t call him whenever you want to or see him at any time.  He isn’t free to be spontaneous or to make future plans with you.  You only get the time he can sneak in with you.

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