Profile Tips for Online Dating Sites




When subscribing to online dating sites your profile and profile photo will determine how you will be perceived by others.  It gives in a brief synopsis of your personality, your interests and your appearance.  You should look approachable.  Being too made up and dressing too provocatively will cause men to see you just as a party girl or a good time girl, but they won’t take you serious.

Posting at least five photos of yourself is a must.  You should have some full body shots as well.  Wearing dresses in some of your photos, instead of all pants and maxi dresses will show your femininity.  Besides, men want to see your curves, your style and how you look in your clothes.

Showing photos of yourself in your everyday life gives an idea of what your interests are.  For example, if you’re into sports post photos of yourself doing those types of activities.  If you are an avid traveller, post photos of you at your favorite destinations.   This will give them insight as to whether they fit into your life.  Too many selfies isn’t a good idea either.  You may appear conceited or that you don’t have any friends.  Don’t post photos older than two years ago.  It doesn’t matter to a man how you used to look, only what you look like now.  Always post photos of you at your present size.

In the “About Me” section, write about your interests, things you like to do and places you like to go.  This will help with compatibility.  When writing about yourself try to be honest, the truth will come out sooner or later.  Be sure to say you’re looking for chemistry and compatibility, as well as all your other criteria.  State that you’re not interested in being someone’s booty call or friends with benefits.  It may just weed out the players.  They’re looking for an easy mark!  (LOL)

Many of the men on online dating sites are married, in a relationship and/or are just  looking for a side chick.  They’re not interested in being in a relationship.  When you meet up for the first time at a public place, screen them for the qualities you are looking for and weed out the thorns.  Good luck!

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