Things a Man Won’t Tell You

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First and foremost, a man won’t tell you what is on his mind or how he feels.  He won’t share his worries, his insecurities, jealousy or anything that may be bothering him.  A man fears he will seem weak.  Men are taught as boys to be strong at all times.

Your man won’t share negative information about his friends or family with you.  Men are much better at keeping secrets than women are.  Men don’t disclose anything about themselves, in their past or present that he is embarrassed about or uncomfortable with.  Most men won’t tell you that they cheated on all their girlfriends or their ex-wife, or that he is a former alcoholic, drug user, or that he beat his last girlfriend.

Most men won’t tell you about their adverse health conditions or that they are popping the ” little blue pill”.

Some men lust after other women, maybe even one of your girlfriends.  He knows better than to share that with you.  (LOL)

Men don’t usually tell you the moment that they fall for you or why they hate to say the words, “I love you”.  It makes them feel vulnerable.

All men hate it when their woman won’t shut up, but he usually doesn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her.  He would rather tune her out.  A man won’t always tell his woman that he need space.  He will start pulling away from her instead.

Most men won’t tell you that he’s bored in the bedroom and wants to try something new or that he craves more sex.  He would rather get it elsewhere.

The one thing all men refuse to tell you the truth about when you ask them, is how you look in an outfit or anything regarding your appearance, whether it’s your weight, make up, hair style, etc.  They know their woman can’t handle the truth, if it’s not the answer she wants to hear from him.

Dealing With Jealousy

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A little jealousy in a relationship is harmless.  As long as it doesn’t cause you to feel uncomfortable.  Being jealous is a sign of insecurity.

There is harmless jealousy and potentially dangerous jealousy.  Harmless jealousy can just be, being protective or not wanting to share your love’s time and attention with others.  It can be flattering, knowing someone loves you and is feeling insecure.  If there aren’t any threats or accusations, then it is probably nothing to worry about.  If they trust you, that’s a good indication whether the jealousy is harmless or dangerous.

Being suspicious and accusing someone of cheating will cause a major problem in any relationship.  Sometimes it will cause the person being accused to cheat.  Being jealous can be a sign of a possessive individual.

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Have More Sex For Better Health

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Having sex frequently strengthens your immune system.  It helps to fight off germs, viruses, diseases and some cancers.  The more you have sex, the more you’ll want to have.

Sex is exercise.  You burn calories, it raises your heart rate and strengthens muscles.   It sure beats dieting and going to the gym.   Love making also keeps hormone levels balanced, is good for the heart, can lower blood pressure and helps you live longer.

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