To Fake, or Not to Fake



Most women have faked an orgasm at some point in their lives.  There are many reasons why a woman will choose to fake it.  Some of them are:  she’s tired, not feeling well, she want to go to sleep, want to get it over with, she’ll fake it to please her man, not to hurt her man’s feelings, because she feels he may cheat on her or leave her if he isn’t able to satisfy her or she is insecure thinking that something is wrong with her since she can’t reach an orgasm.

Every woman is different so you may have to guide your man on to how to please you.  If you fake it, you’re boosting a man’s ego. He will believe he’s such a great lover.  You’re giving him a false sense of achievement or validation.  I can surely understand if he really tries hard to get you there, and you still can’t climax.  This is a man who you should communicate with.  He would being willing to experiment with different measures;  toys, kama sutra, porn, intense foreplay, role play or whatever it takes to get you to “The Big O.”   Statistics show 60% of women “fake it to make it.”

It’s a fact that a woman can be sexually satisfied even though she hasn’t climaxed.  Of course, with both partners reaching an orgasm would be the icing on the cake.  Being familiar with your own body (masturbation), can allow you to know how to reach sexual satisfaction.

If you’re in a serious committed relationship, it isn’t worth faking it on a regular basis.  When a man thinks he’s satisfying you he will have no reason or clue that he needs to do more to get you there.  You will have to continue to fake it and remain sexually unfulfilled.  The solution could just be the need for more intense stimulation and longer foreplay.  In a casual relationship;   booty calls, friends with benefits or one night stands, if you choose to fake it to make it, that’s fine.


Dating Red Flags


When meeting someone for the first time you should try to be a good listener.  Sometimes a man or woman will show signs of being controlling or some other negative behavior.  Another red flag is a person who constantly talks about their ex.  This is an indication that they aren’t over them.

You can judge a person’s character by how they treat others;  waiters, etc.  Being rude to other people is a sign that they’re not a nice person.

If a man is late to a date, and he hasn’t called or texted you to let you know and to apologize for his lateness, this is a sign that he doesn’t value your time, he’s inconsiderate and this will only worsen if you continue to date him.

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You Got Him, Now Keep Him


Sometimes women will become comfortable in their relationship and will slack up on keeping up their sex appeal.  She may stop exercising and begin gaining extra weight or she may stop dressing the way she did when she first met her man.  When women become wives and mothers, they tend to get so wrapped up into “mommy mode and/or wifey mode” and she may forget to remain the woman her man fell in love with.  Men’s biggest complaint has always been women gaining excess weight after they marry them.

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Love at First Sight, Really


When couples first meet they may like each other, have sexual chemistry and physical attraction.  This is not love at first sight.  It’s simply infatuation or sometimes lust.

When a man says it was love at first sight, he means he loves what he sees at the moment.  It’s physical and sexual attraction and chemistry, but not necessarily love.  It may or may not last once a man gets to know you.  He may not like what’s on the inside;  your personality, behavior, morals and values, etc.

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Knowing When to Move On



When you’re in a relationship and it feels like you have to put so much effort into it to make it work, he’s probably not into you.  It could be that you aren’t his type or you’re not compatible.

If a man disappears days without any contact with you, he isn’t into you.  When your relationship feels like you are on a roller coaster ride, generally that means it’s in trouble.  He may not want to let go altogether.  He may just want to string you along as his piece on the side, when he’s in between relationships or when he has a dry spell.  Usually in this case, he’s just using you for sex.  You may become his booty call, but not his girlfriend.

Men who don’t have any interest in what’s going on with you or don’t try to get to  know you or share things with you about himself, isn’t into you.

If a man see you infrequently or waits days to call or to return your call or text, isn’t into you.  A man who doesn’t make time to spend with you, isn’t into you.  At some point he will call with some lame excuse.  There’s no such thing as being too busy to call or text.  Excuses, excuses, excuses!

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Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus



Men love differently than women do.  Men show their love by protecting and providing for the woman they love.  A woman’s love comes straight from the heart and it’s an emotional attachment and often can become a dependency.  Sometimes a woman will make the man she loves her whole world.

A man’s self-esteem is based mostly on his  money, power and success.  A woman’s self-esteem is based on how she feels about her looks, her body and how men perceive her.

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Ladies … Let the Man, Be the Man



Some women today don’t allow the man to be the man.  Women will want to lead and try to take on the male role.  Men still want a woman to be feminine and lady-like,  someone he feels he needs to protect and provide for.  Men also want to feel needed by his woman.  I’m not saying women should be dependent on a man, but she shouldn’t emasculate him either, even if she makes more money than he does.  Men enjoy coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress.  They know they are physically stronger than a woman and they enjoy being needed to fix things around the house, a flat tire, opening a jar, etc.

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Beauty; Is it a Blessing or a Curse


First and foremost, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What’s on the inside should have more significance, than what’s on the outside.  Being beautiful has its perks and downfalls.  Women are judged by their appearance more so than men are.

Beauty will get you noticed, but it doesn’t mean a man’s intentions towards you are going to be good.   There have been many beautiful women;  Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry, etc., whom have not had good relationships with men.   A beautiful woman will never know if a man really loves her for herself, or if she is just someone’s arm candy or possession.  Most of the attention from men is purely lust.  Some men may only want to “hit it” so they can say they had her.

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The First Sexual Encounter With Your New Man



A woman shouldn’t feel pressured to have sex with a man until she’s ready.  She should feel comfortable being with him in an intimate setting.  There should have been some conversation as to their sexual needs and desires, so she’ll know if they’re sexually compatible.

In a new relationship the first encounter should be at the woman’s place or at a hotel, not at a man’s place.  A woman would be more relaxed and less nervous in her comfort zone.  Every woman must have her own personal stash of condoms, lube, etc.  She should never leave that responsibility to a man to bring protection.  The man should want to make it a memorable experience for her.  Starting with a romantic date;  dinner and dancing would be a good choice.

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