Why Women Should Date Multiple Men



I’m going to start by saying it’s about dating multiple men, not sleeping with multiple partners.  Dating several men at the same time will give you a chance to explore your options while comparing your dates for the qualities that you’re looking for.  You will also be able to see who sparks your interest, compatibility and chemistry.  Perhaps dating someone other than your “type”, may be worth trying.

The more men you date, the greater the chance for you to find the one that is right for you.  It will help to prevent you from settling.  It isn’t necessary for you to disclose to your dates that you’re dating other people.  If you’re not in a serious relationship, then you don’t have anyone to answer to.  You are free to date as many men as you like.  If a man asks, then you can tell him that you are exploring your options.

Sometimes we don’t really know exactly what we are looking for in a relationship.  Dating multiple people will enable you to find out what you don’t want, that’s for sure.  (LOL)

Profile Tips for Online Dating Sites




When subscribing to online dating sites your profile and profile photo will determine how you will be perceived by others.  It gives in a brief synopsis of your personality, your interests and your appearance.  You should look approachable.  Being too made up and dressing too provocatively will cause men to see you just as a party girl or a good time girl, but they won’t take you serious.

Posting at least five photos of yourself is a must.  You should have some full body shots as well.  Wearing dresses in some of your photos, instead of all pants and maxi dresses will show your femininity.  Besides, men want to see your curves, your style and how you look in your clothes.

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Getting Back on the Market



After a divorce or the end of a long-term relationship, you need to take time to reflect upon the demise of the relationship and to heal so that you don’t carry baggage from your past into your new relationship.   Don’t rush to get back out there.  Start dating when you’re ready.  You need time to gain your confidence and to get your swag back.  Screen your dates for compatibility and chemistry.

When in a marriage for many years, you may fear getting back into the dating game.  The dating scene has changed so much over the last 10 years.  Online dating is the best and most popular way to jump right in and casually date to get yourself comfortable with being single again, but take it slow and be careful to meet in public places and don’t reveal too much personal information about yourself.  Never go to a bar or happy hour alone.  It has desperate, lonely or pick me up, written all over your forehead!

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Surviving a Breakup


When we are in a relationship for a long period of time we can become comfortable and complacent.  We may stay in the relationship even though we aren’t happy.  Having to start over and the fear of the unknown, also keeps couples together when things aren’t working out between them.

Men and women often dread being alone or having a single status again. Cheating is an option some people will take when they want to hold onto who they are with while they look for their replacement.  Some would rather cheat on their partner, than to get rid of them.  Thinking a man will change is also a big mistake women tend to make.  Wasting time in a relationship that’s going nowhere isn’t worth it.

Some people feel a sense of loss or failure when a relationship ends, even when they weren’t compatible.  Sometimes, it’s just the stigma society places on being coupled, or an emotional attachment to someone who is emotionally detached from you.

Getting back into the dating scene and taking it slowly is the best way to heal and to take your mind off the hurt.  There’s something to be learned from each relationship.  Now that you are free, take the time out for yourself.  Hang out where there are plenty of men, since you are single and ready to mingle.  Remember, someone better is out there waiting for you.