Men are Lousy Cheaters

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These are some of the signs you will notice when your man is cheating on you:

  • Drastic change in his habits
  • He’s distant
  • Uninterested in how you feel
  • He goes out more and stays out later
  • Starts fights to leave out
  • Shows less interest in sex
  • Adapts better grooming habits
  • You catch him in more lies lately
  • Suddenly he’s spending more time with the guys, so he says
  • Guards his cellphone
  • Just started keeping his cellphone on vibrate
  • His phone rings or he gets a text alert and leaves out immediately

***    Don’t make accusations unless you are sure.  Keep your eyes open and he will slip up.  Men are lousy cheaters!!!


How to Tell if “He’s the One”

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He’s committed to you . . .

The first indication is that he is faithful to you and you trust each other.  He has told you that he loves you.  It’s hard for men to express their emotions.  When a man introduces you to his mother, and it’s not because you are pregnant with her first grandchild, that in itself shows that you  have his heart.  He wants his mother’s approval of you.  He is willing to go out of his way for you.  He listens to you and remembers what is important to you. (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

You have chemistry and compatibility . . .

You are physically and emotionally attracted to each other.  You have similar values and are compatible in most areas.  (There is no such thing as a perfect man).  Both of you are willing to compromise when needed.  You respect each other, even when you disagree on something.  You feel he could be your soul mate.

He talks about a future with you . . .

Men think about you long-term when they plan future events and includes you in it.  He refers to you as his future wife and talks a family in the future with you.  (Within 2 years of dating, he should be thinking about his future with you).

You communicate well with each other . . .

He shows his feelings and includes you in on what’s going on with him.  He knows even over the telephone when something is wrong.  He is connected to you.  You don’t keep secrets from each other.  He is your friend as well as your lover.

He has your back . . .

He will comfort you when you are in need.  He defends you even when he knows you are wrong.  You can count on him to be there whenever you need his help or support.  When men are in love they are protective of you.  He won’t allow anyone to disrespect you.  He will provide for you if needed.  He will help you when you need his help without you having to ask.

He’s supportive of your goals . . .                

He wants you to succeed and reach your goals.  He knows your success will enhance your life together.  He wants what is best for you.  He admires your ambition and drive.  He’s willing to help in any way that he can.

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Online Dating Tips

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It’s a numbers game!


  • Avoid T.M.I. (too much information)
  • Keep it light and fun, no pressure
  • Screen for chemistry and compatibility
  • Post updated photos, this is men’s biggest complaint
  • Ask him what he is looking for in a relationship, he just may tell you the truth
  • First impressions are lasting impressions
  • Let him pick the place, it will tell you if he is cheap or trying to impress you

Ask Sydney

Sydney’s Love Café is where we talk about everything related to love, relationships and romance.  I will post topics that you may find helpful in your relationship.  I have talked with men and got their perspective on these topics and how men really feel about women.

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Fun Date Ideas

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  1.  Outdoor festivals (food, wine and jazz)
  2.  Sunset dinner cruises
  3. Wine and painting events
  4.  Stroll the waterfront and dine al fresco
  5.  Art galleries (First Fridays)
  6.   Jazz Brunch
  7.  Upscale night clubs
  8.  Comedy clubs
  9.  Tour a winery
  10.  Candlelight dinner at home