Is Monogamy Still a Valid Expectation


Although it seems that everyone is cheating, that’s simply not the case.  It’s definitely easier to cheat since there is easy access to pornography, cybersex and hookup sites on social media.  You can remain at home, while surfing the internet for sex.  It all depends on what you define as cheating.  Some women believe that all men cheat.   In reality, who are the men cheating with? (other women)   Statistics show there’s not much difference in the percentage of men that cheat versus women.

Couples can remain faithful if they are committed to each other, their communication is open and honest and if everyone’s emotional and physical needs are being met.  Cheating is definitely a choice.  The same effort put into cheating should be put in keeping your relationship exciting and your bond stronger.

If you choose to remain faithful to your man then you should continue to expect him to live by the same standard.  You don’t have any control over the actions of anyone else, but it all depends on what you are willing to accept.  Some couples fear that they will encounter infidelity issues, so they decide to have an open relationship or to be polyamorous.  They feel this option will allow them to stay together, despite being with other people.  These relationships don’t necessarily have a greater chance of surviving because one of them could still fall for someone else.

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Battling Boredom in Your Relationship




Boredom is one of the main reasons for infidelity in many relationships.  Having the same daily routine day in and day out can cause couples to become bored.  Sometimes couples become disconnected from one another.  They may not be interested in or supportive of their partner’s goals and aspirations.  Often this causes them to grow apart.  The predictability of doing the same things over and over again, can make you feel like you’re in a rut.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is one way of breathing new life into a relationship.

A new relationship is always exciting.  It’s a normal occurrence that over time people become complacent and things can get dull.  It doesn’t mean that the love is gone.  Spontaneity can combat boredom.  You must find ways to keep things exciting in and out of the bedroom.  Planning a trip at least once a year, a staycation more often and scheduling date night twice a month will give couples something to look forward to.  Planning future events together, parties, adventurous day trips or tours to local wineries, music festivals,  local tourist spots, etc. are all examples of things to do to break the monotony.   Doing new activities together or with other couples whether it’s sports, hobbies, exercise or other entertainment can solidify your bond.  Some couples actually need space, time apart from one another in order to enjoy each other when they come together.  (I’m not suggesting to jump into someone else’s arms).

Boredom won’t go away by itself.  You must do something to combat the slump you feel you’re in and to bring the sparks back to the relationship.  Communicate to your partner how you are feeling.  They are probably feeling the same way.  Together you can work at re-igniting the flames that were once lit.  Both people must be willing to make the necessary changes to get your loving relationship back on track.