It’s a Man’s World

love - he completes you


Society sets a double standard when it comes to men and women.   That standard usually favor men.  Men get to be themselves without any judgment.

Men can sleep around and they will be referred to as a “player.”  People will say he’s just being a man.   Women on the other hand, will be labeled as a “thot”.  It could ruin her reputation.

A man can date a woman young enough to be his daughter and there’s no stigma attached to it.   Women who date younger men are referred to as “cougars.”

Men earn more money doing the exact same job as a woman, just because he is a man.

Men are more likely to hold higher positions than women, just because of his sex.

Men don’t have to suffer through menstruation, PMS, childbirth and menopause as women do.

Men stand to urinate, so they can go anywhere at any time.   (in the woods, in a bottle  LOL).  Women have to struggle to squat over a dirty toilet seat.

The men’s room is never as crowded as the lines to the ladies’ room.

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Want a Man, But Don’t Need a Man

Love - Let Him Choose You


You don’t want to project that you are desperately seeking a man or that you are not complete without a man.  It shows insecurity and desperation.  Men can see it as if it was written on your forehead.  A lousy relationship is never better than no relationship at all.  You can do bad all by yourself.  You have to be happy in your own skin.   Your relationship status doesn’t define you.  You are uniquely you, in or out of a relationship.

Making another person the center of your life and losing your individuality is a risky emotional attachment.  Men don’t feel they have to be attached to a woman in order to exist.  Don’t look for a man to make you happy.  You and only you, have the power to make you happy.  Happiness is a state of mind.  You have to choose to be happy.  Women that are dependent on men don’t have any power in the relationship.  They are considered to be needy and insecure.

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Know Your Worth

love - couple balloons


YOU must place value on yourself.   If you don’t value yourself, a man will definitely pick up on it and he probably won’t value you either.  You will get from a man what you expect from him and what you think you deserve.  He will also give you what you are used to.

Let him know how you want to be treated.  You can’t change a man, what you see is what you get.  Know what your deal breakers are.  Have standards that he should meet.  If you don’t have high self-esteem, learn how to fake it.  Being high maintenance isn’t a bad thing.  It shows self-worth.

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What’s Love Got To Do With It

Love - Hearts love you forever


REAL LOVE is:  Patient, kind, protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Corinthians 13: 4-13


You need more than love alone to keep a relationship together.

A one-sided love affair doesn’t work.  It takes two hearts joining together.

He has swag, but he doesn’t have a job.  Love can’t pay the bills.

Love without trust, isn’t love at all.  You are trusting your loved one with your heart.

In addition to being in love, you need to have compatibility, communication, compromise and other qualities to have a lasting union.

You love him and there are sparks in the bedroom, but outside the bedroom you fight.

He mistreat and disrespect you, but you love him just the same.  Love yourself more.  Let it go.

LOVE is a beautiful thing, but LOVE doesn’t conquer all.






Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?


Sometimes a straight man won’t befriend a woman unless he is attracted to her.  He may settle for friendship, hoping it will develop into a relationship.  You will notice that he will get jealous of your attraction to other men when you are with him.  You will catch him staring at your curves.  A man will feel that you are picking up on his interest in you and may think you feel the same way about him.  The more time he spends with you, at some point he may sneak a kiss.  When he knows you have a boyfriend, but you spend more time with him, he feels he is gaining ground.  There may become a time when he gives up on the friendship because he wants more than you are willing to give.

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Reasons Men Hold Back Their Feelings

Love - what men find atttractive


Most men don’t want to, or are comfortable with showing their feelings.

It’s a man thing.  Men are taught as boys to hide their emotions.  (Ex. boys don’t cry)

They think they may seem weak or desperate.

Some men feel they have to hold back to feel they are in control.

Men sometimes think this is how they can keep the edge.

They think women will want them more and try harder to please them, if they are not sure how he feels about them.

It’s a fact that when men do fall in love, they fall fast and hard.  They try to hide this from you.  It takes men much longer to get over a break up, too.  Women will cry and get comfort from their girlfriends, while men have to endure the pain within.  They can’t let their friends or anyone know that they are hurting or they’ll be told to man up.

Men express their love differently than women.  A man will show you he loves you without saying it.  Of course, we like to hear him say I love you every now and then.   You will know that he loves you by his actions.  He will protect and provide for you.

Don’t worry as long as he keep coming back, he is into you.





Deal Breakers for Men

Love - What's Love Got to do With It


Here are a few of the qualities men find unattractive in women:


I n s e c u r i t y

C l i n g y  a n d  n e e d y

L a c k  o f  f e m i n i n i t y

B e i n g  t o o  m a d e  u p

G o l d  d i g g e r s

B e i n g  f a k e

L o u d  a n d  r a t c h e t

D r o p p i n g  “F”  b o m b  i n  p u b l i c

B e i n g  a  b o o z e r

B e i n g  t o o  “t u r n t  u p”

B a b y  d a d d y  d r a m a

B a g g a g e

N e g a t i v i t y

N a g g i n g