So, Your Man Wants an Open Relationship


Today some couples are considering the non traditional option of having an open relationship.  They feel that since so many relationships end due to infidelity, that they’ll eliminate that factor from their relationship.  Some people actually don’t believe in being monogamous.  Others want the freedom to have different sex partners, but want to be honest about it, rather than cheat.  Sometimes boredom in the bedroom may cause couples to contemplate an open relationship.

A couple must both desire to explore this option and must mutually agree upon this type of relationship and ground rules must be put in place.  Also they would have to be secure,  trusting and not jealous individuals.  First of all, in order for this to possibly work, this type of relationship must be simply casual sex, without any emotional connection.  (I don’t think anyone can predict whether or not they will develop feelings for someone else).  That’s the number one risk factor with this type of relationship.  Secondly, the more sexual partners you have, the greater the chance of getting STDs, or an unexpected pregnancy.  All partners must practice safe sex.

A woman shouldn’t agree to entering into an open relationship unless she truly desire to sleep with other men, and doesn’t mind that her man will be having sex with other women, and not agree to this arrangement just to please her man.  If so, at some point she will resent it and it will become a problem in their relationship.  If you’re not in a serious relationship, maybe you will feel you can put your relationship in jeopardy.

The open relationship must be kept totally separate from your real relationship.  Details of these rendezvous should not be disclosed either.  Specific guidelines as to how the open relationship will be played out should be well thought out in order to avoid any conflict later.  It should be agreed upon from the start, that if one partner wants to stop the open relationship, they both agree to end it.

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