Why Good Girls Like “Bad Boys”

Love - deal breakers


The reason most people believe that good girls like “bad boys” is that people are attracted to the opposite of themselves.  Bad boys are also attracted to the good girl.  A good girl feels safe in the company of a bad boy.  She knows that he will protect her.   Bad boys tend to be more exciting, wild, very aggressive and have swag.  They are also adventurous and sometimes tend to be reckless.  They take risks and on the other hand, they can be dangerous to be around.  Good girls think nice guys would be boring.  Some good girls want someone they aren’t supposed to be with.

If her father was a bad boy type, she may also be attracted to what is familiar to her.   Sometimes not having a good relationship with her father, can cause her to have low self-esteem and she may feel that she doesn’t deserve someone better.  Others feel they can save them or change them.

A bad boy usually doesn’t make a good choice for a good girl.  He most likely would take her for granted and possibly be controlling and even disrespectful towards her.  She’s no match for him.

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