Sure Signs He’s in Love With You

love - i love you blinged out


When a man is in love it shows by his actions.   Some men find it difficult to say the words, “I love you”.  Other people;  family and friends can see that he loves you, maybe even before you recognize it.  He’ll do things for you that he didn’t do or won’t do for anyone else.  He will constantly try to please you and make you happy.  He’ll remember the things that are important to you.   His priority will be spending as much time with you that he possibly can.   He’ll dread having to part from you and will miss you when he’s not with you.  You’ll see signs of this when he calls as soon as he gets home and when he wakes in the morning, or check on you during the day with text messages, etc.   A man in love will go out of his way for the woman he loves.  He will want to meet the people in your life that are important to you, as well as introduce you to the people in his life that matters to him.

He’s in tune to your emotions and really hears what you have to say.  He will try to comfort you when you are down or had a bad day.  When he’s with you, he will give you his undivided attention.  He may notice simple details about you.   The way the he looks at you is like he can’t believe you are really his.   If you need him, he’ll be there for you, without you having to ask him.  You will notice from conversations with his friends and family that he talks about you a lot.

If he is treating you like he loves you, and you feel loved, then you will know that he is in love with you.   He’ll do thoughtful things for you, maybe send you flowers for no reason.  When a man talks about a future with you, he is definitely showing you that he is serious about you.   A man will want to be a better man for you.

A woman’s instincts and intuition won’t deceive her.  She will know for sure when her man has fallen in love with her.


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