Making Love Last

Love - hearts and roseslove - couple sexy


A lasting relationship is first based upon a strong friendship and mutual respect for one another.   Communication, compromise and trust are also key components to lasting love.   Both people must be totally committed to the relationship.  Making time for each other is also essential.  Of course, people get on each others nerves at times, but being patient and tolerant of one another contributes greatly to a lasting union.  You have to be able to forgive words spoken in an argument, make up and let it go.

Taking their wedding vows seriously, can prevent couples from giving up on their marriage and work harder at it instead.   A couple must grow together, not grow apart.  Intimacy is one way to strengthen the attraction and bond between them.   Frequent sex and romance can keep the passion and fires burning.   Vacationing annually can be a reminder of the feeling during the honeymoon stage and can give them something to look forward to.  Going on vacation to relax and enjoy each other without any distractions or stress can be very romantic and rewarding.

Staying connected to one another through interests and activities;  such as church, exercise, sports, cooking, etc., can help couples remain close.

It is possible to have lasting love, but both the man and the woman must continue to devote time and attention to the relationship on a daily basis and never let it get stagnant or take each other for granted.


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