Celebrate Your Love


Every woman in a relationship or marriage should expect to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.  Whether your man takes you out for a romantic dinner and dancing, send a dozen long-stemmed red roses, gives you Godiva chocolates and a card, buys you sexy lingerie, surprises you with jewelry (diamonds are a girl’s best friend).   All of these are ways we want our man to show his love for us.

The 1st Course  (Dinner)

Some women may prefer a candlelight dinner at home.  Set the table in a formal setting with your best dinnerware and table linens.  Seafood or a surf n turf entrée would be a good choice for the menu.  Red wine would be the beverage of choice and sparkling spring water.  Red velvet cupcakes or chocolate lava cake could be a dessert option.

Things you will need to set the mood:

  • Rose petals
  • Red preferably or white candles
  • Champagne
  • Dark chocolate covered strawberries
  • Flavored warming massage oils
  • Sexy lingerie and stilettos

The 2nd Course  (Bubble Bath)

Be sure to wear sexy undergarments i.e.;  bustier, corset and thong or a sexy red lace teddy to slowly undress while leading your man to the bathroom for a soak in the tub together.  A romantic ambience should fill the room with candlelight, soft music, rose petals, champagne and dark chocolate covered strawberries to feed each other and stimulate the senses.

The 3rd Course  (Erotic Massage and Passionate Lovemaking)

Head to the bedroom for an erotic massage you give to each other while straddling your man.  The scented massage oils will warm the body and get the juices flowing.  By now you’re totally turned on and anticipating a night of passionate lovemaking.

The 4th Course  (A Surprise Treat)

Surprise him in the morning by waking him up to an oral stimulation to reward him for an awesome Valentine’s Night!!

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