Don’t Just Date Your “Type”



Some women tend to have a specific type of man who she’s attracted to and she doesn’t have any interest in any other man who doesn’t fit into her “type”.  It’s a good idea not to place limitations on available men out there that you could meet.  You may just miss out on a great guy that you’re overlooking or ruling him out because he doesn’t fit your physical or professional type.  These men could be someone you cross paths with everyday;  a close male friend, a coworker or someone you’ve known for years, maybe even someone you placed in  the “friend zone”.

He may not be tall, dark and handsome, have swag, have a successful career or be the man every woman desires, but he may have other meaningful qualities that you’re also looking for, but can’t seem to find in your usual “type”.  Qualities like character, personality, integrity, honesty, stability, maturity and loyalty, just to name a few.

If all the men you have dated whom were your “type” and the relationships didn’t work out due to incompatibility, infidelity or loss of interest on either side, then maybe physical attraction alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship.  We tend to place the most value on chemistry and passion, even if the other qualities aren’t there, and can fade over time when the relationship is great only in bed or looks good on the outside, otherwise you have nothing in common.

When you date outside your comfort zone, you will realize there’s other qualities that are necessary in a relationship in order for it to work  out.  Exposing yourself to someone other than your usual type, could give you the opportunity to meet someone who is a better fit for you in the long run.

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