Dating Red Flags


When meeting someone for the first time you should try to be a good listener.  Sometimes a man or woman will show signs of being controlling or some other negative behavior.  Another red flag is a person who constantly talks about their ex.  This is an indication that they aren’t over them.

You can judge a person’s character by how they treat others;  waiters, etc.  Being rude to other people is a sign that they’re not a nice person.

If a man is late to a date, and he hasn’t called or texted you to let you know and to apologize for his lateness, this is a sign that he doesn’t value your time, he’s inconsiderate and this will only worsen if you continue to date him.

When a man is constantly distracted by his cellphone, this is a serious sign that he is a player.  Someone who talks about themselves all the time and isn’t interested in getting to know you, is usually a person with a big ego or maybe even narcissistic.  This could indicate that they aren’t interested in you.

A man who is guarded in his conversations, may have something hide.  He wants to make sure he doesn’t slip up and reveal unfavorable information about himself that he want to keep from you.

In a relationship where a man disappears for days and you don’t hear from him at all, that’s definitely a red flag.  He’s probably seeing someone else.

When a man talks about sex frequently, and that’s the main topic of his conversations, that’s a sure sign that he intends to “hit it and quit it.”

If a woman always have to initiate or plan a date, the man probably isn’t interested in you.

A man who flirts with or checks out other women when he is in your company, is giving you a real clue that he’s a player, and he won’t be faithful to you if you.

  • If someone seems too good to be true, they probably aren’t.
  • Don’t ignore the red flags you see early on.
  • Trust your intuition.







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