You Got Him, Now Keep Him


Sometimes women will become comfortable in their relationship and will slack up on keeping up their sex appeal.  She may stop exercising and begin gaining extra weight or she may stop dressing the way she did when she first met her man.  When women become wives and mothers, they tend to get so wrapped up into “mommy mode and/or wifey mode” and she may forget to remain the woman her man fell in love with.  Men’s biggest complaint has always been women gaining excess weight after they marry them.

Women must realize that men are visual and for them to maintain their desire for you and to try to keep him faithful to you, you must try not to change on him.  Men will stray when his woman is no longer the woman he fell for.  Some men need to see other men wanting you in order to validate he has someone special that other men would love to have, and that he could lose.

Sometimes when a woman gets married, she may alter her physical appearance and style.  She may change her poppin’ hairstyle for a ponytail or a bun.  She may also trade in her stilettos for flats, lengthen her skirt, nix her makeup and lose her slayin’ style.  Wearing pajamas to bed instead of sexy lingerie won’t make a man too excited to get you in bed either.

The key to keeping your man desiring you is to be spontaneous, unpredictable and try to remain as close to the woman he first met and fell in love with.  Also, a man will continue to value a woman who places value on herself.

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