Love at First Sight, Really


When couples first meet they may like each other, have sexual chemistry and physical attraction.  This is not love at first sight.  It’s simply infatuation or sometimes lust.

When a man says it was love at first sight, he means he loves what he sees at the moment.  It’s physical and sexual attraction and chemistry, but not necessarily love.  It may or may not last once a man gets to know you.  He may not like what’s on the inside;  your personality, behavior, morals and values, etc.

On the other hand, when a woman says she fell in love at first sight, it’s usually more of a connection she feels towards a man and the physical attraction is there as well.  The difference in men and women is, a woman may get to know a man and may not like everything else about him, but she may continue to date him.  Women in the whole  tend to overlook a man’s unfavorable characteristics.  She will hope she can change him into the man she wants him to be.

Sometimes you meet someone and instantly you feel drawn to them, as if you have known them for years.  I feel love at first sight usually isn’t love at all.  It’s just a strong connection between two people and an attraction that with time can grow into a deep and lasting love.  This kind of intense feeling between a man and a woman may lead them to become soul mates.

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