Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus



Men love differently than women do.  Men show their love by protecting and providing for the woman they love.  A woman’s love comes straight from the heart and it’s an emotional attachment and often can become a dependency.  Sometimes a woman will make the man she loves her whole world.

A man’s self-esteem is based mostly on his  money, power and success.  A woman’s self-esteem is based on how she feels about her looks, her body and how men perceive her.

Men communicate differently than women.  They talk when they have something to say and sometimes their way of communicating seems vague to women.  Women don’t always interpret what they are saying correctly, which causes miscommunication between the sexes.  Women tend to be long-winded and men feel they don’t get to the point quickly enough.  Men may tune them out somewhere in their conversation, especially when they’re nagging.  A woman may start up a conversation about nothing just for attention.  Sometimes it seems like men and women speak a different language.

Women will express their feelings and emotions in their body language;  facial expressions, pointing their finger, placing their hands on their hips, etc., while men generally don’t show their emotions on their faces.   This makes it harder for women to read them.

Most men are quicker at making decisions than women are.  Women may consult others for their opinions or second guess themselves before they finally make a decision.

Men won’t ask for help or directions for that matter, only as a last resort.  Women are more likely to seek help or advice.

Some women love to gossip and are drama queens.  Men avoid drama at all costs and generally aren’t interested in trash talking either.

Men will apologize by sending flowers or giving gifts.  Women will simply say, “I’m sorry.”

Men may try to hide their pain, stress or grief by withdrawing and isolating themselves.  At times like this, a man will need his space.  A woman going through the very same thing will become emotional, crying or complaining to make her feel better and to deal with what’s bothering her.

Men are more competitive and aggressive than most women are.  Women are definitely more talkative than men.  At times, they wish we would put a lid on it.

Men think about sex every minute of the day, while women think about sex maybe once a day or every other day.  That’s why men hate it when a woman asks him what he’s thinking.  (LOL)

Men and women are clearly different, but equal.  With mutual respect men and women make a good balance of energy and can complement each other.

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