Ladies … Let the Man, Be the Man



Some women today don’t allow the man to be the man.  Women will want to lead and try to take on the male role.  Men still want a woman to be feminine and lady-like,  someone he feels he needs to protect and provide for.  Men also want to feel needed by his woman.  I’m not saying women should be dependent on a man, but she shouldn’t emasculate him either, even if she makes more money than he does.  Men enjoy coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress.  They know they are physically stronger than a woman and they enjoy being needed to fix things around the house, a flat tire, opening a jar, etc.

Women have to realize they can’t change a man.  You have to accept him for who he is, or cut him loose.  A man will resent any woman for trying to change him.  If a man is the better cook, or better managing the finances, let him handle them.  Men should do the driving when you are out with them.  Even if you have the more luxurious car, he should still do the driving or allow him to drive your car when you are out together, unless he’s tired, reckless or drunk.

Women should never embarrass or disrespect her man in public.  This is the ultimate demeaning thing you can do to a man.  Wait until you get home to give him a piece of your mind.

Let the man lead.  There can only be one leader.  Follow his lead as long as he knows how to lead.  You should put your heads together in decision-making, but ladies . . . don’t try to be the alpha female, if your man is an alpha male.  The two of you will be in a power struggle.  You can be in control without butting heads and without him ever knowing it.

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