Beauty; Is it a Blessing or a Curse


First and foremost, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What’s on the inside should have more significance, than what’s on the outside.  Being beautiful has its perks and downfalls.  Women are judged by their appearance more so than men are.

Beauty will get you noticed, but it doesn’t mean a man’s intentions towards you are going to be good.   There have been many beautiful women;  Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry, etc., whom have not had good relationships with men.   A beautiful woman will never know if a man really loves her for herself, or if she is just someone’s arm candy or possession.  Most of the attention from men is purely lust.  Some men may only want to “hit it” so they can say they had her.

Good looks don’t last a lifetime, therefore a man or a woman shouldn’t depend on their attractiveness to carry them.   Being beautiful doesn’t make you any happier or confident, and it may cause you to become lonely.  Other women may see her as a threat or may not want to be around her, thinking they can’t compete with her.  She may not have girlfriends and may have many haters.   Some men are intimidated by a beautiful woman.   Men may not approach her, thinking they don’t stand a chance or that she is has to be taken.  They may also feel that she has to be a gold digger, conceited or spoiled.

Sometimes people think beautiful women don’t have any other attributes;  brains for instance.  They think  she’s just a pretty face with no substance.  People in general,  think beautiful women have everything, the perfect life;  men chase after her, good looks, people cater to her, she gets all the attention, etc.

Some people will depend on their looks to get ahead, and may become unhappy when their looks don’t get them as far as they imagined it would.  Beautiful people sometimes get tired of all the attention and loneliness and they see their beauty as a curse.

I believe beauty can be both a blessing and a curse.  It can work to your advantage and it can also cause you a lot of pressure and become a burden to you, especially when your identity is based solely on your looks.

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