The First Sexual Encounter With Your New Man



A woman shouldn’t feel pressured to have sex with a man until she’s ready.  She should feel comfortable being with him in an intimate setting.  There should have been some conversation as to their sexual needs and desires, so she’ll know if they’re sexually compatible.

In a new relationship the first encounter should be at the woman’s place or at a hotel, not at a man’s place.  A woman would be more relaxed and less nervous in her comfort zone.  Every woman must have her own personal stash of condoms, lube, etc.  She should never leave that responsibility to a man to bring protection.  The man should want to make it a memorable experience for her.  Starting with a romantic date;  dinner and dancing would be a good choice.

Wearing sexy lingerie and undressing slowly or doing a striptease would be seductive.   Setting the scene with scented candles, soft music, champagne or wine, strawberries and dark chocolate will stimulate the senses.  Avoid drinking too much alcohol, it  won’t contribute to an erotic night.  A soaking bath or shower together followed by a stimulating massage with warming, flavored massage oils would get you relaxed and ready.  If a man isn’t taking the time for sensual foreplay, he isn’t interested in getting you to climax, then he isn’t worth your time.   He would only be a selfish lover.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t reach the “Big O” at the first sexual encounter, as long as he has tried to satisfy you, before himself.  Sometimes it takes time to get rhythm with someone new and to get your bodies in sync.  Also, you may need to guide your new man as to how you want to be pleased.  What works for one woman may not do it for the next.

Intimacy will draw you closer, but time will make it more satisfying for both of you as you come to master each others body.

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