Think With Your Head, not With Your Heart


When in a relationship, women often lead with their heart, not with their head.  They may know someone isn’t right for them, but if they like him, they will let their heart override their head.  On the other hand, men usually think with their big or little head, but not with their heart.

A woman’s intuition will often alert her to red flags in a relationship.  She may ignore her intuition and in the end, she’ll realize her uneasy feelings about a man were warranted.  Women who are smart in all aspects of their lives;  their career, their finances, etc., will still tend to make foolish choices when it comes to affairs of the heart.  Women will put on blinders or may think they can change a man to be who they want him to be.  This rarely works.  With men, what you see, is usually what you get.

If a relationship has its ups and downs from the start, most likely it will only get worse.  People generally try to impress someone in the beginning, but if it’s only to win your heart his act will be short-lived.  He will soon resort back to his true self.  Paying close attention to what a man says and does is key to finding out more about his character and his intentions.  Also, how a man treats others; waiters, friends, family, strangers, etc., will let you know how he may treat you at some point in time, when the newness has worn off.  Men are used to women being tolerant and non-judgmental of them, so they often won’t put on an act.  They will assume a woman will overlook red flags or make excuses for them.

If you are being treated badly in a relationship, you shouldn’t let your emotions make you sentimental and cause you to look only at the good qualities and ignore the bad ones.

If you’re into someone and they feel the same way about you, then you should follow your heart and commit to them.

“Follow your heart, but think with your head.”

“Think with your head, love with your heart, and live by your soul.”

“When your heart feels pain, you have to be smart enough to think with your head and be strong enough to leave with your heart in one piece.”

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