No More Ms. Nice Girl



Being too nice doesn’t have to a bad thing, if you choose a good man to get involved with that will value you.  Many times women go for the bad boy type, the player with swag or a man who refuses to let himself get emotionally attached to any woman.

A woman’s love is often taken for granted if she is too nice to a man.  The nice girl will tend put her man first and will sacrifice her own happiness to please her man.   If a woman allows a man to treat her badly and continue to hang around, then she’s showing him that she lacks self-respect, so how can she expect for him to respect her.  The fear of losing the man is the main reason some woman will stay.  A man will see her as having low self-esteem, needy or perhaps desperate to have a man.

Allowing someone to mistreat you will make you powerless in a relationship.  A man will continue to see what he can get away with.   Being to tolerant of a man’s bad behavior or bad habits won’t get a man to want to behave better.  Never reward bad behavior if you want to be respected.  Hoping you can change a man is unrealistic.  People only change when they see the need to change and they actually want to change.

Here are a few mistakes a girl who is too nice will make to her detriment:

  1. Being available all to the time, will cause you to be his back up when all of his other plans fall through.  He’ll cancel plans with you at the last minute, go ghost on you for weeks, then suddenly call and act as if you should be glad to hear from him.
  2. Constantly jumping through the hoops for a man will only let him know how much you care about him and fear losing him.  He’ll see you as needy and insecure.
  3. Tolerating bad behavior, disrespect or inconsideration of your feelings and             accepting his lousy excuses for it, will cause him to devalue you.
  4. Bending over backwards for a man who doesn’t have your back is a big mistake in a relationship.  A man will continue to test you over and over again to see how much you’ll put up with.  At this point, he has lost all respect and regard for you.


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