Finding “Mr. Right”



In search of the right man, a woman has to go through the wrong men in order for her to discover what she doesn’t want in a man, and for her to be able to appreciate a good man when she gets one.  Mr. Right may not be tall, dark and handsome, successful or charming.  He may be some of the men women tend to overlook.  He may be considered nerdy or be just an average Joe, but he may be loyal, respectful, hardworking and a gentleman.  A key quality a man should possess in order to give him a second look, would be a man who has “Potential”.  He may not be well-established in his career, but he may be moving in the right direction and determined to succeed.  His ambition and drive and the support of a good woman will help him to reach his goals.  I think Mr. Right should mainly be a good man, also someone you have chemistry, compatibility and similar interests with.

A woman has to become “Miss Right” in the eyes of Mr. Right.  If you don’t have yourself together you won’t attract a man who has it going on.  Strive at being your best.  If you have met nothing but losers in the past or a series of wrong men, then you have to take a look at what you are doing wrong and you need to make some changes.  Your baggage from your past hurts could also be blocking you from attracting Mr. Right.  A woman may need to re-evaluate what qualities are most important to her in a man.  She may need to make some changes in determining what she really want and need in a relationship.  A man’s character should be most important.  You may discover that you need to look beyond the physical attraction.

Online dating sites, blind dates that friends hook you up with and social media sites are all ways to meet people, but you must be selective in your screening of the men you meet online.

You should be the kind of woman “the right man” would be attracted to.  Having qualities like femininity, confidence and positivity would be helpful.  You must believe that you deserve a good man and have the expectation that you will attract a good man.  Having a full, active life of your own while in search of Mr. Right will make you more interesting to him when your paths meet.

Patience and timing are also factors in finding Mr. Right.  Sometimes people tend to meet the right person when they aren’t actively looking for them.  In the meantime, all you can do in your search for Mr. Right is to stay positive, continue working on yourself, your goals, enjoying your life and having faith that everything will fall in place.

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