Tips on How to Become a Man Magnet


Men are initially attracted to a woman they have an instant sexual attraction to.  Women who are confident, attractive and has the body type they like.  A woman’s physical attributes are what immediately attracts a man to a woman.  He will undress her in his mind.

Men also desire women who are feminine and girly;  showing their legs, wearing heels, perfume, being fashionable and some prefer a long, shiny head of hair.  Appearing to be happy, smiling and having a great personality will attract men.  Having poise and self-esteem are shown through your body language, your walk and in your conversation.

Some women have a presence about them.  When she walks into a room, men will instantly notice her.  Qualities like having confidence, mystique, along with attractiveness will turn heads.  Having a positive attitude will make a woman more attractive, even if she isn’t  (Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder).

If a woman is attracted to a man, she should glance at him and smile while briefly making eye contact with him.  This should be done in a subtle manner.  Non-aggressive flirting in a feminine way, is very attractive to men.

When a woman knows her worth, she will carry herself in such a way that it shows on the outside as well as on the inside.  She will exude beauty, presence and mystique which will effortlessly make her a man magnet.

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