Let Him Choose You



When meeting a man for the first time, it’s always best to let the man choose you.  You don’t have to deal with him if you aren’t interested in him, but if a woman initiates contact with a man she will never know if she is the one he really wanted.  She may not be his flavor, but he may settle for her for now rather than have a dry spell.  A man will leave you as soon as he meets the girl of his dreams, or as soon as he sleeps with you.

Some men feel that a woman who pursues a man is aggressive and desperate.  He may also think she chases men all the time.  This type of behavior may turn a man off.  A woman shouldn’t put herself out there and risk being rejected or ignored.  This would be very humiliating to a woman and a blow to her self-esteem.   Instead women should do their part by flirting with men they are interested in.  This will give a man a green light to approach you and not have to fear being rejected.  Just know, if a man doesn’t pursue you he’s not interested in you.   Never make excuses or be in denial about a man’s intentions.  A man will always find a way to let a woman know he is interested in her.  He will approach her himself or have someone other way of relaying that message to her.  A man won’t miss out on the opportunity to meet someone he’s attracted to.

Men enjoy the thrill of the chase.  They like to test their skills and see how strong their game is.  Some men will see an aggressive woman as an easy score, nothing more.  Most men like to take the lead in the beginning, so a woman should let the man, be the man.

A woman who knows her worth would never push up on a man.  If a woman doesn’t think enough of herself to let a man pursue her, he won’t think she’s a prize either.  You may get the man, but you may not keep him.

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