The Lies Men Tell



In a new relationship some men will lie about their intentions, as to whether they really want to be in a monogamous relationship.  They’ll tell you what they think you want to hear.  A man will take the chance at lying in order to continue seeing a woman he’s interested in at the time, knowing at some point she may find out his real intention.  He will hope that by the time she finds out the truth, she will be hooked on him and will not want to walk away from the relationship.

Men will also lie about their relationship status.  He may have a girlfriend, a booty call or a friend with benefits that he’s holding on to.  Men tend to lie about the reasons their past relationship ended as well.  Often they’ll say their girlfriend cheated on them, when they were the one who cheated.  They will feel you will have sympathy for them and think they are a nice guy.

Even when men don’t lie to women, they won’t voluntarily disclose certain important facts that a woman should be privy to, if he feels it could affect the relationship in a negative way.  She would have to specifically ask him a direct question.  Even then, he may or may not tell the truth.  Men generally follow the “need to know” rule in communicating with women.  For instance, if a man is bisexual, he will be on the down low and won’t reveal this to the woman he’s dating.  If a man is an alcoholic or former drug addict, or even something serious as him having a STD, or any information regarding his health he may not divulge this information either.

When a man doesn’t call, he will lie and say his phone’s battery died or he accidentally had his phone on vibrate or mute or left it at home, or he didn’t hear it ring.  He may not be up to no good.  Men don’t like having to check in.

A guy will lie about his work schedule just to have free time away from you.  If his woman is insecure he may not want to tell her he’s hanging out with the guys, or he may be spending time with another woman.

Usually men lie to women because they are hiding something or because they are trying to make an impression on them.  Men also lie to avoid attitude and conflict.  Then there are the harmless lies a man will tell his woman.  She may ask him how she looks in an outfit or if she looks like she lost weight.  He will lie just to make her feel good and not be in the dog house.

When a man is late picking you up, he may lie and say he’s stuck in traffic, when in reality he just left the house or made other stops along the way.  He’ll lie just to avoid an argument.

Men often lie to women and tell them that they are in love with them, when they know they are only in the lust phase of the relationship.  A man will say just about anything to get a woman in bed.  He knows saying I love you, works most of the time.

Ultimately, lies will only result in a lack of trust and the relationship will suffer.  Honesty is the best policy when working towards a healthy relationship.

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