There’s No Such Thing As a Perfect Man



It’s in every little girls makeup to dream of landing a “Prince Charming” as in Cinderella.  Cinderella is fiction.  The perfect man is just a fantasy.  He doesn’t exist in reality.  If a man loves you unconditionally, then one might say his love is perfect.  A man who meets most of your needs could be considered an ideal man for you.  It would be more realistic to look for a “good man” instead of a perfect man.  It’s nearly impossible to find all the qualities a woman may wish for in a man, all in one package.  Compromise may be needed, but not necessarily saying you have to settle.  Looking beyond the physical and material things could enable a woman to find a good man.  What’s on the inside of a man is what is most important.  Having respect, integrity, honesty, loyalty and kindness are all qualities of a good man.

Women dream of the fairy tale ending with the happily ever after as in the movie, Pretty Woman.  Her knight in shining armor comes to take her away in the end.  In reality there isn’t always a happy ending.

In the eyes of a daddy’s girl, she may see her father as a perfect man.  She may inspire to find a man just like her father.  In her mind, he will be her perfect man.  There isn’t a perfect man or a perfect woman for that matter, but if you can love each other with all your imperfections and flaws, then undoubtedly you may just have found the perfect man or woman for you.

To have it all;  beauty, money, and success, but to have no one to share it with, isn’t having it all.  Wasting your time waiting for the “perfect man” may cause you to be a very lonely woman.



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