Foreplay = The “Big O”




Foreplay starts long before you get to the bedroom.  It can begin in the kitchen, while cooking with just grabbing her butt or his.  Whispering dirty talk to each other during the day or sexting while at work or buying her flowers are also methods of foreplay.   Getting your man or woman aroused and anticipating intimacy long before it happens, can be a good build-up to the finale.

Being romantic;  kissing, touching and even dancing can be very sensual and arousing for both the man and the woman.  Foreplay is the appetizer before the main course.  It gets all the juices flowing.  The most time should be spent on awakening the senses (arousal).  Taking the time to explore your lover’s body from head to toe will definitely pay off to reaching the “Big O”.   It’s the same principle as preheating the oven before cooking the meal.  (LOL)

Some men want to skip foreplay and go right to the main course.  This causes many men to climax, but leave their woman hanging.  Letting the excitement build before making love will be satisfying for both people.  You may have a better chance of reaching an orgasm at the same time or multiple times.   If you get a woman aroused enough, she won’t be able to stand it any longer and she will beg you to enter her.  (She’ll be moaning, “Give it to me baby”).

It takes women much longer than men to reach an orgasm, therefore, in order for her to get a head start, she needs a lot of stimulation;  emotional, oral and physical.  The female breasts are an erotic zone that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Even when a mother is nursing her baby, she feels the sensation in her vagina.   A man who spends sufficient time mastering the art of foreplay is considered by women to be a great lover.  It has nothing to do with what he is packing.  (LOL)

Foreplay is the emotional connection between two people that happens before sexual intercourse.  Telling her you love her or that’s she’s beautiful is making love to her mind.  If women could get enough foreplay from their man, there would be a lot less faking the “Big O” by so many women.

Love making starts in the head, not in the bed.  Making love to her mind, will make her body react every time!


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