Why More Women Are Attracted to the Same Sex




There is an increase in the number of women who are bisexual and lesbian, mainly bisexuality.  Women naturally have a more close and intimate relationship with each other, than men do with other men.  Women will share a bed, undress in front of each other and caress their girlfriends body without any sexual connotation.  Women do tend to find other women attractive.  They can appreciate another woman’s beauty and body.   This could lead to fantasizing about the same sex.

As teens or while in college, sometimes young women will experiment with sex with a woman.  They are curious and are exploring their sexuality.  Be careful what you try, you just may like it!  (LOL)

Some women will consider themselves bisexual being attracted to both men and women equally.   They feel they are getting the best of both worlds.   Most bisexual women have had a sexual experience with a man first, later deciding to sleep with a woman.  Often women have expressed being fed up with men being selfish lovers and not trying to satisfy their sexual needs.  Some think there aren’t any good men out there or they are tired of being mistreated by men and decide to engage in same-sex love.

Female celebrities are kissing other women on television and many are admitting to being attracted to men as well as women.   Sometimes fans will mimic their behavior.  Men don’t seem to have a problem with it either, they seem to enjoy watching two women “making out.”  They are actually turned on by it.  You have couples who are swingers, who have open marriages, or a couple that may want to have a menage a trois (two women and a man) which is the most common choice.   Some women agree to this, thinking bringing another woman into the mix, will be an exciting rendezvous for both of them.  They may also think engaging in this type of behavior will prevent their man from cheating on them.  Nothing seems to be off-limits these days.  People are uninhibited and adventurous in bed as well as out of the bedroom.  What was once taboo, is now trendy.  Many people today embrace their sexual freedom.

Homosexuality and bisexuality are more socially acceptable these days.  There is no longer the need for people to be “in the closet.”  There probably were just as many women and men who were attracted to the same sex, many years ago, but were in denial or keeping it a secret until now, due to social stigmas of the past.

It’s your life, do whatever you are comfortable with, and what makes you happy, it’s not for any of us to judge.


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