Dealing With Jealousy

Love - is death without you


A little jealousy in a relationship is harmless.  As long as it doesn’t cause you to feel uncomfortable.  Being jealous is a sign of insecurity.

There is harmless jealousy and potentially dangerous jealousy.  Harmless jealousy can just be, being protective or not wanting to share your love’s time and attention with others.  It can be flattering, knowing someone loves you and is feeling insecure.  If there aren’t any threats or accusations, then it is probably nothing to worry about.  If they trust you, that’s a good indication whether the jealousy is harmless or dangerous.

Being suspicious and accusing someone of cheating will cause a major problem in any relationship.  Sometimes it will cause the person being accused to cheat.  Being jealous can be a sign of a possessive individual.

Feeling jealous and feeling disrespected are two different feelings.  If your man flirts with other women in front of you, you should be angry and feel disrespected, not necessarily jealous.

Jealously can arise from being competitive.  Competing with someone and losing at it, can result in jealousy.  Wanting someone’s attention and not getting it, instead someone else is getting their attention, can cause a person to become jealous.

Not being included or being disregarded, can cause people to be jealous.  When a man brags on another woman, or talks about her attractiveness, this can make his woman jealous, especially if her man doesn’t compliment her.

Jealousy in a relationship can cause the person who is jealous to feel threatened by someone they feel could jeopardize their relationship.  Jealousy is the fear of losing someone or something.  A jealous man can become very controlling.  He may try to alienate you from your family and friends.  Living with a controlling man or woman can be unbearable.

If you are in a relationship with someone who has a potentially dangerous jealousy, the first step is to talk to them and let them know how uncomfortable this makes you feel.  You should also try to reassure them of your love for them, and tell them that they don’t have any reason to worry or feel threatened.  This behavior could be from the pain of a past infidelity or abandonment.

If their jealousy worsens and they become physically or verbally abusive, it’s time to leave this dangerous situation immediately.  Unhealthy jealousy can be a very dangerous emotion.  It can lead to domestic violence, or even worse, murder or murder suicide.  They may feel they are losing their loved one, and they can’t live with the idea of them leaving them and being with someone else.  If they then start to stalk you, you should get a restraining order against them right away, and don’t have any further contact with them.  This is a person who won’t handle rejection very well.

Always put your safety first!




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