Winning at Love

love - intimacy


Communication is key to a loving relationship.  Talking and working out problems you encounter before they get too far out of control, and the communication between the two of you shuts down, is totally necessary in order to keep the relationship strong.

There must be mutual respect for one another.  Being respectful of the other person’s opinions and differences, and being able to agree to disagree is very important.

Trust is absolutely necessary in order to feel safe and secure when you have given your heart to someone to love and protect.

Keeping your individuality and not losing yourself in the relationship also key.  You must have interests of your own, aside from your loved one.  Making someone your whole world, will cause your loved one to feel that are needy and insecure.

Being spontaneous and unpredictable keeps excitement in the relationship.  All  relationships have a point when one or both people may begin to feel that the passion has subsided.  This can cause vulnerability and insecurity on either side.  You may feel that your man or woman doesn’t love you anymore.  This is a natural feeling.  It just means you have to work harder to bring back the sparks and try new things to keep the fires burning.  Monotony can cause boredom.

Intimacy is a major part of a loving relationship.  Love making bonds couples together keeping them close and connected to each other.  A lack of sex will ultimately cause problems in a relationship, possibly infidelity.

A man and a woman being totally committed to each other and to keeping their love strong, will lead to a successful and lasting union.  You can never take one’s love for granted. A loving relationship is something you will continuously have to work at, in order to keep it solid.



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