Keeping It Hot, Hot, Hot!


love =- keepn it hot

love - hearts and candles


In order to keep the passion from diminishing in a relationship, both of you must keep things spontaneous, unpredictable and exciting.   Plan for date night at least once a month.  Shock your man every now and then by doing something different.  You must make the effort to keep yourself looking appealing.  Try to keep your body tight and your weight close to the weight you were when he met you.  This seems to be most men’s biggest complaint.  Never give him an excuse to cheat on you.  You don’t want your man looking at other women and wishing your were more glamorous and sexy.

Change things up in regards to your appearance.  Every  now and then change your hair color, hair style, and/or your fashions.   Your man will notice and other men will, too.

Surprise him by initiating intimacy by waking up him to a “happy ending.”  A man likes to feel you desire him.  Wear sexy lingerie to bed, not tee shirts and shorts or pjs.  Remember how you seductively wooed him when you first met him.  Ask him how he feels about bringing toys to bed to enhance your lovemaking.  Shower together whenever you can.  Make love outside of the bedroom sometime to change-up the routine.  Give him a lap dance and talk dirty to him.   If he likes porn, watch it with him.  This will be foreplay for both of you.  The juices will be flowing  (LOL).   Role play, put on cat women sexy attire and crawl up on him while purring like a cat.  He will definitely rise to the occasion!

To keep the fires burning you have to make time for one another.   Do simple things together like cooking a meal or going for a walk.  Never be too tired for sex.  Give your man as much as he desires, even if it is just a “quickie.”   He’ll be happy just the same.

Try to plan a trip for two every year, to have the one-on-one time together without any distractions and to get that honeymoon feeling again.

Men, remember love making starts before you get to the bedroom.   You have to make love to the mind first and the body will follow.



One thought on “Keeping It Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. These are great tips to keep a relationship hot, and as a guy I’d say they should apply to us men too. Keeping healthy and fit should be the responsibility of both him and her. Keeping things interesting requires effort, and everyone can benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

    Also, I’d challenge more people to actually ask what your partner likes in terms of appearance. Sure, this requires self confidence, respect and that you’re able to communicate well, but it can also bring your relationship to new heights. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the type of abusive conversations in which the man and/or woman are making claims that the other person is getting fat or other types of insults, but respectful and honest answers based on trust. While appearance is far from the foundation in any relationships it doesn’t hurt to indulge your wife or husband by looking your absolute best. I and my wife started our fitness journey four years ago and we took the challenge and asked what improvements we’d like to see in each other. Daunting at first, but initial insecurity can be avoided if you play around, do stripteases for each other to show progress, buy clothes that will look sexy on your wife/husband and have fun.


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