What Men Want in a Woman

love - kissing


Men want a woman to respect him, be loyal to him and to appreciate him.  They want women to be supportive of them and to stand by them as well.  A man wants his woman to be confident and independent.  He seeks her attention and admiration.   Initially, her looks are important.  Men are visual, so it will be a physical attraction at first, later on her personality will matter.   Most men aren’t looking for a super model for a girlfriend.   As long as he finds something appealing about her.

A man wants an honest woman, one that he can trust.   Men want women that complement them and their lifestyle.  He wants his woman to enjoy sex and to initiate sex once they are in a relationship.  Maturity is another quality men want in a woman. An emotionally stable woman, that is also drama-free would be appealing to most men.

Men are also attracted to women that have a career and have interests aside from them.  He doesn’t want her to consume him.   They want a woman that they could be proud to introduce to their family and friends.

Men know very early on, if you are a keeper or a temporary fix.   Sometimes, rather than having a dry spell, a man will settle for someone whom he knows is not what he want, until the right woman comes along.

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