Have More Sex For Better Health

love - more sex, better health


Having sex frequently strengthens your immune system.  It helps to fight off germs, viruses, diseases and some cancers.  The more you have sex, the more you’ll want to have.

Sex is exercise.  You burn calories, it raises your heart rate and strengthens muscles.   It sure beats dieting and going to the gym.   Love making also keeps hormone levels balanced, is good for the heart, can lower blood pressure and helps you live longer.

Orgasms can block pain, that’s more pleasurable than popping a pain pill.  Masturbation has a similar effect on the body.  Men who have sex often, have a decreased risk of getting prostate cancer.   Making love helps our bodies to relax, so we can get a good night sleep.  (No more insomnia)

Intimacy, whether it’s making love,  kissing, touching or cuddling, causes our bodies to release a natural hormone that make us feel good.  People who have sex frequently are happier, less stressed and have higher self-esteem and a better mood.   Sex is good for our physical and mental health.   In a relationship, intimacy and sex bonds couples.  Sex should be included in living a healthy lifestyle, along with exercise and a good diet.

Now ladies, there should be no more excuses to make men say they aren’t getting enough.  Sex will cure a headache!  (LOL)

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