Dating a Younger Man

love - couple in tree at sunset


There is no reason why a woman should lessen her options by eliminating a man, simply because he is younger than she is.  Men date younger women all the time, so why shouldn’t women have that same option.  Of course, we know that men usually take much longer to mature and become responsible than women, but there are always exceptions.  You may feel you have to train your “boy toy.”  Maybe that’s a good thing, because at least he is trainable.  (LOL)

Usually a younger man will be more spontaneous, adventurous and more fun.   Have you ever heard a young man say, “She’s a MILF?”   Boys sometimes have a crush on their female teacher, his girlfriend’s mother, etc.  It’s often the younger man who pursues the older woman.   They tend to be attracted to her sophistication, style and physical attributes.   As long as he is of legal age, love between two consenting adults is love just the same.  Age is just a number!

A young man may get tired of women his age that don’t know who they are, and what they want.  Therefore, he may find the older, experienced  woman more appealing.  There are many divorced women in their 40’s and 50’s, who are on the dating scene.  They may want to try out being a “cougar.”   Most men their age are already married or may be dating younger women.  An older woman will have no problem keeping up with a younger man’s sex drive either.  Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez are two “hot” women, both were in relationships with younger men that lasted for years.

There’s nothing wrong with dating a younger man,  but if he is young enough to be your son, I would suggest that you enjoy it day-by-day and not think of the relationship in the long-term.  These relationships are usually considered more of a fling.  An older woman may feel flattered that a younger man finds her attractive.  She will get a boost to her ego, knowing she still has it.  It could be a fun experience, but it probably won’t last.



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