Keys to Happiness


Happiness is a state of mind.  You have to choose to be happy.  No other person can make you happy, if you aren’t happy within.   Loving  yourself is the basis of being happy.  Having gratitude is also key.  Being thankful for the positive things in your life is a good start to being happy.  Accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

You must have goals, something to look forward to, or to work at accomplishing.  Friends and socialization, connecting with people can make you feel happy.  Volunteering or helping others can also make you feel good.  Finding things that you are passionate about and involving yourself in them;  whether it’s a hobby, a sport, learning something new, all helps us to feel good about ourselves.

People are drawn to the positive energy that happy people possess.  It has nothing to do with your relationship status.  Single people can be happy and people in relationships can be unhappy and vice versa.

Taking care of our bodies, exercising and being active make us happier as well.  It is good for our mood and mental health.  Being happy contributes to being healthy.  You will have less stress too.  Having a pet can make us happy and ease loneliness.

Being optimistic, rather than being pessimistic, is a sign of a happier person.  Smiling and laughing can contribute to happiness, but only temporarily.  Life has its ups and downs but things always get better if we hang in there.   Putting the past behind us, bad relationships, etc., and looking forward to the future allows you to be happier.  Being in love and being loved always attributes to a happier being.

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