Succeeding at Long Distance Love

love - long distance love


In order to be successful in a long distance relationship (LDR), both parties must be secure, and the trust must be there in order for their relationship to survive.  It isn’t going to easy, but it can work.

Communication is key to a long distance love.  There should be a lot of talking, sharing and listening to each other.  There’s skype, facetime, web cam, phone calls, texting, sexting, etc.  You have the access to see each others faces daily.  Keeping in touch on a daily basis can assure both people that they are committed to the relationship.  It takes continuous effort on both sides to make time for each other.

If two people are truly in love, this will be a test of their love.  Some say,  “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”   A long distance relationship can create a closer bond than a relationship nearby.  Conversations would be much longer and more in-depth, sharing more information with each other.

Of course, you may feel lonely at times, this is to be expected.  Spending time with friends and family can ease the loneliness.  The topic of whether of not you are going to be exclusive while apart, or you’ll be dating other people should be spelled out clearly and agreed upon.  Honesty is also key to making a LDR work.  Phone sex can help with curbing the desire for intimacy.  Visiting each other while in a LDR, can provide the opportunity to kiss, hold hands, touch, make love, etc., that both parties are yearning for.

At some point there will need to be planning as far as when you two will end the long distance relationship and move closer to each other.  One of you would have to seek employment in another state, and leave your life as you know it behind.  You should make sure that you are comfortable that your relationship is serious enough, and you are committed to each other in order for you to make such a drastic change in your life.


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