Is it Love or Lust?

love - heart on fire


In the beginning of a new relationship it may start as infatuation and sexual attraction, which is lust.  Lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy.  It is usually a temporary feeling that doesn’t last.  Being in lust can sometimes lead to love.  Men are visual, so generally they lust after a woman initially, then it grows into love.

Being attracted to someone simply because of their beauty is lust.  What’s on the inside doesn’t matter when it is lust.  Lust demands intimacy.  The physical act of having sex, touching and/or kissing.  When a man is lusting after a woman his priority is to score.  He’s not concerned with getting to know the person.  There is no commitment either.  Lust is just pure sexual gratification, love is so much more.

When a man is affectionate without it leading to sex, that is how you know it is love and not just lust.  When he wants to meet your family and friends and introduce you to his, it’s love not lust.

If the relationship is casual;  booty calls, one-night stands and friends with benefits, then it is lust.   If the only passion between the two of you is in bed, and a man doesn’t show interest in you outside the bedroom, and there’s not any conversation, compatibility or connection, then it’s nothing but lust.

Once you figure out whether your relationship is lust or love, then you can decide if that is enough for you, if it is just lust.   You can decide if there is the potential for the relationship to grow from lust to love.

Just keep in mind that, love is a feeling on the inside, and lust is a feeling on the outside.

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