Dating a Married Man, Isn’t Worth It


Married men generally “want their cake and eat it too”.  They seldom leave their wives and children for the other woman (less than 5%).  It’s nothing more than a fling to them.  They aren’t available, so you have to rearrange your life to accommodate his.  You will be his secret love.  He can’t publicly date you or introduce you to his family and friends.

His wife and children will always come first.  Holidays most likely will be spent with his family, leaving you alone.  You are at his beck and call, because you can’t call him whenever you want to or see him at any time.  He isn’t free to be spontaneous or to make future plans with you.  You only get the time he can sneak in with you.

A married man will lie to you and tell you that he is unhappy in his marriage, that he wants to leave his wife, but he can’t leave right now, and that he isn’t sleeping with his wife, when in reality, he is.  Sometimes, it’s simply out of boredom that a married man steps out on his wife.  His mistress is merely a substitute for what he isn’t getting at home.  The other woman becomes his side piece, nothing more.  He doesn’t want to leave his family for her.  He will give every imaginable excuse for why he hasn’t left his wife.

A married man is getting the best of both worlds, and he is loving it.  If you were his wife, he would cheat on you too.  Anyone involved with a married man should give him an ultimatum.  He should be forced to decide whether he wants to be with you, or his family.  This is how you will know where you stand and how he really feel about you.  He’s not being fair to you, or to his family.

Unless you want to continue to share a man with another woman, and you accept that you will never truly have him, and you are comfortable with what a married man has to offer you, and you don’t think you deserve anything more, then you will waste your life with someone who isn’t worth it.  You could find a man who isn’t married and is available to give you the love you deserve.   Loving a married man will most likely lead to heart-break in the end, it usually does.

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