Dating on the Rebound

love - couple under umbrella in rain


After a messy break up, whether it’s the man or the woman, time is needed to heal and to evaluate what caused the demise of the relationship.  There’s something to be learned from each relationship.  You may not be ready to date right away.  You should be single long enough for you to figure out exactly what you want and will accept in a new relationship.  Jumping into another relationship too quickly doesn’t always work, because you may have baggage/scars from the previous one, or you may still need closure to completely put it behind you.  It’s not fair to you or to the new person if you are still in love with your ex.  If you aren’t emotionally available, then you shouldn’t be dating yet.  Your mind will still be on your previous relationship.

After a bad break up, you may be vulnerable and needy and could be taken advantage of.  Sometimes people date on the rebound simply to try to forget about the other person, and may use someone else to make them jealous or to prevent themselves from being lonely.  Also, many times they end up getting back with their ex, and they leave the new person hanging.

It may be a good idea to let your new man know if you aren’t interested in getting involved in a serious relationship.  People tend to talk negatively about their ex to their new man or woman.  This is a sign that they aren’t completely over them.

If you were the one that ended the relationship, and/or, you are completely over your previous love, you’re happy and loving being single again, then dating on the rebound is a great idea for you.

You’re ready for love again!

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