How to Get the Ring

love - couple man on knee the proposal


Generally, a man doesn’t wake up one day and decide to propose.  Most men would rather not get married at all, but just continue to date you instead.  They sometimes fear commitment.  Men feel they will lose their freedom.


These are some of the qualities you should possess if you want your man to see you as someone he will commit to:

You should be your man’s “everything”;  his friend, his lover,    his confidant, etc.

  1.  You should be independent and have interests aside from him.
  2.  You must have something to bring to the table, financial stability, being able to carry your own weight.
  3.  He has to be able to see what you bring to his life to make it better.
  4.  He has to realize your worth and that you are a great catch.
  5.  You must appear to be secure within yourself and not clingy or needy.
  6.  A man has to see you as the woman he can’t be without and that he may lose, if he doesn’t commit.
  7.  He should feel that you are loyal, trustworthy, drama and
  8. Your life has to blend in with his; his family, his children, etc.
  9. Most of all, has to see you as “wifey material”.


Sometimes when a man sees his friends are getting engaged or married, he may decide it’s time to settle down.   A man wants to be sure you are the right woman for him, the woman he can see himself living with, spending the rest of his life with and starting a family with.

When a man loves a woman, he won’t need to be pressured into committing, he will want to take her off the market and give her his name.

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