Reasons Men Cheat


love - couple poem



A man’s natural instinct is to have sex with as many women as he can.  Men want variety.  You can be his variety by changing things up regularly and keeping the flames burning.   Most of the time, his cheating has nothing to do with his love for you.  A woman MUST restrain his natural instincts by letting him know the consequences he will suffer if he cheats on her.   She must let him know she won’t tolerate infidelity.  If he loves you, he may not want to chance losing you.

Some men will risk having an affair because of the thrill of someone new at the moment.  They don’t intend to leave for the other woman.  They feel what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her.   Point made;  when men get caught they will often say, “it didn’t mean anything”.   They truly mean it most of the time.  It’s just a moment of passion without any emotional attachment.  Of course, there are exceptions.

These are some of the reasons why men cheat and some of the excuses men give for cheating, to make them feel less guilty:

He’s bored at home.  Lovemaking has become monotonous.

She came onto him.  There are so many “thirsty” women out there, who are willing to sleep with another woman’s man.

He has a sex addiction,  he couldn’t control himself.

His ego tells him that he’s too clever to get caught.

He’s a player, that’s what he does.

Sometimes it’s his ego that drives him to sleep with as many women as he can.

His father was a womanizer.   It’s learned behavior.  He thought that is what men do.

He is unhappy with his relationship.  He feels disconnected and there isn’t any communication between them.

He’s isn’t having sex with his woman.  She can’t keep up with his libido.

He is insecure and vulnerable.  He needs to know “he still has it”.

He doesn’t believe in monogamy.

He knows you will tolerate his cheating.  He isn’t worried about losing you, because he knows you aren’t going anywhere.

He heard you say, “all men cheat”.   You just gave him a pass to cheat on you.

He feels he has nothing to lose, he wants out of the relationship anyway.

You cheated on him first, so it was payback.



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