It’s a Man’s World

love - he completes you


Society sets a double standard when it comes to men and women.   That standard usually favor men.  Men get to be themselves without any judgment.

Men can sleep around and they will be referred to as a “player.”  People will say he’s just being a man.   Women on the other hand, will be labeled as a “thot”.  It could ruin her reputation.

A man can date a woman young enough to be his daughter and there’s no stigma attached to it.   Women who date younger men are referred to as “cougars.”

Men earn more money doing the exact same job as a woman, just because he is a man.

Men are more likely to hold higher positions than women, just because of his sex.

Men don’t have to suffer through menstruation, PMS, childbirth and menopause as women do.

Men stand to urinate, so they can go anywhere at any time.   (in the woods, in a bottle  LOL).  Women have to struggle to squat over a dirty toilet seat.

The men’s room is never as crowded as the lines to the ladies’ room.

Men can get ready much quicker than women.  All they have to do is shower, brush their hair (unless he is bald) and brush their teeth.   A woman still won’t be ready for at least another hour.

Men don’t have to shave.  They have a choice.

Men spend less money on grooming than women. (waxing, nails, hair, make up)

Men don’t have bad hair days, like women do.

A man never has to fake an orgasm.  It doesn’t take much effort to get them there.  A woman needs much more time for foreplay.

A man is only called a “bitch” when he whines, not when he’s assertive.

Men can go topless.  Women have to suffer in an uncomfortable bra all day.

Men can wear sneakers almost anywhere.  Women have to wear heels.   We can’t wait to get home to kick them off our feet.

Gray hair is distinguished looking on men.  Women with gray hair are considered aging.

Men can lose weight much easier than women can.

Men don’t have to go to the doctor and put their feet up in cold stirrups to be examined.

Men can hold their liquor better than women.  Their body weight allows them to consume more alcohol.

When traveling, men pack lighter than women.   We have to bring almost everything with us.

The last forty-four (44) United States presidents were men.  Until now, a woman possibly becoming President of the United States was unrealistic.

It’s a man’s world, but it is nothing without a woman in it!



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