Want a Man, But Don’t Need a Man

Love - Let Him Choose You


You don’t want to project that you are desperately seeking a man or that you are not complete without a man.  It shows insecurity and desperation.  Men can see it as if it was written on your forehead.  A lousy relationship is never better than no relationship at all.  You can do bad all by yourself.  You have to be happy in your own skin.   Your relationship status doesn’t define you.  You are uniquely you, in or out of a relationship.

Making another person the center of your life and losing your individuality is a risky emotional attachment.  Men don’t feel they have to be attached to a woman in order to exist.  Don’t look for a man to make you happy.  You and only you, have the power to make you happy.  Happiness is a state of mind.  You have to choose to be happy.  Women that are dependent on men don’t have any power in the relationship.  They are considered to be needy and insecure.

Having a man won’t heal your hurts, resolve all your self-doubts, and protect you from life’s challenges, but having a man who supports you and loves you, will help you through it all.

Want a man, but don’t need a man.  You should be able to carry your own weight.  A good man who loves you will complement your life.  Don’t settle, be selective.

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