Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?


Sometimes a straight man won’t befriend a woman unless he is attracted to her.  He may settle for friendship, hoping it will develop into a relationship.  You will notice that he will get jealous of your attraction to other men when you are with him.  You will catch him staring at your curves.  A man will feel that you are picking up on his interest in you and may think you feel the same way about him.  The more time he spends with you, at some point he may sneak a kiss.  When he knows you have a boyfriend, but you spend more time with him, he feels he is gaining ground.  There may become a time when he gives up on the friendship because he wants more than you are willing to give.

A man’s girlfriend or wife may become insecure of her man’s friendship with you.  He should be able to introduce you to her so that she feels comfortable with you.   The three of you could possible become friends as well.  It’s easy for a friendship to grow into love.  Being friends is a good foundation for a strong relationship.  Sometimes friends are reluctant to take it to the next level, knowing it could compromise their friendship if things don’t work out.

Ultimately, it is up to the woman whether the friendship goes any further.  Men make good friends.  Having male friends has the advantage of giving you great advice about men, from a man’s point of view.

Yes, I think men and women can just be friends.


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