Reasons Men Hold Back Their Feelings

Love - what men find atttractive


Most men don’t want to, or are comfortable with showing their feelings.

It’s a man thing.  Men are taught as boys to hide their emotions.  (Ex. boys don’t cry)

They think they may seem weak or desperate.

Some men feel they have to hold back to feel they are in control.

Men sometimes think this is how they can keep the edge.

They think women will want them more and try harder to please them, if they are not sure how he feels about them.

It’s a fact that when men do fall in love, they fall fast and hard.  They try to hide this from you.  It takes men much longer to get over a break up, too.  Women will cry and get comfort from their girlfriends, while men have to endure the pain within.  They can’t let their friends or anyone know that they are hurting or they’ll be told to man up.

Men express their love differently than women.  A man will show you he loves you without saying it.  Of course, we like to hear him say I love you every now and then.   You will know that he loves you by his actions.  He will protect and provide for you.

Don’t worry as long as he keep coming back, he is into you.





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