Embrace “Playing the Game”

Love - Female.jpg


First and foremost, a man has to already be attracted to you in order for you to reel him in.  There isn’t a magic trick that can get a man to be into you, if he isn’t.


The following scenarios can help to give you an edge.

ACTION:  Keep him guessing about how you really feel about him.

OUTCOME:  He will try harder to win you over.  Men do like a challenge.

ACTION:  Don’t constantly call or text him.

OUTCOME:  He will notice and he will be the one checking up on you.

ACTION:  Don’t pressure him to spend time with you.  Have a see you, when I see you  attitude.

OUTCOME:  He will be wondering who you are spending time with and he will want to spend more time with you.

ACTION:  Don’t be too available.  If he calls you at the last minute, don’t change your plans for him.

OUTCOME:  He will know you are not waiting by the phone for his call, and that you have a life.

ACTION:  Be unpredictable.

OUTCOME:  Having spontaneity will intrigue him and he will be anxious to see you.


ACTION:  Let him know you are his equal.

OUTCOME:  He will respect you.

ACTION:  Project that you are with him because you choose to be.

OUTCOME:  He will feel lucky to have you.  Knowing you don’t need him to feel complete and that he can easily be replaced.

ACTION:  Show that you are confident and secure.  (Pretend if you have to)

OUTCOME:  He will find you attractive and independent.

ACTION:  Never worry about where he is or what he’s doing.

OUTCOME:  He will know you have a life aside from him and that you are not needy.

ACTION:  Always look hot.

OUTCOME:  He will see other men checking you out and he will know he has someone other men would love to have and that he doesn’t want to lose.

ACTION:  Always put yourself first.

OUTCOME:  He will see you as a confident woman who loves herself.  He will value you.

ACTION:  Act like you are his queen.

OUTCOME:  He will think so, too.  Men feed off how you feel about yourself and they treat you accordingly.


 FYI  ***  Some men refer to women who “got game” as  b i t c h e s.  ***

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