Single and Loving It!

Love - Girlfriends Pic for Single and Loving ItLove - wine photo

Being a single woman allows you freedom to live your life by your own rules.  It’s a good feeling to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want and not have to answer to anyone.

Married women sometimes envy your lifestyle.  Statistics show married women are less happy than single women.  They still try to uphold the “super woman” title.  They work, take care of the children, the households, the husband and are the last ones to get to bed at night.  They struggle to take time out for themselves.  You don’t have to cook dinner, you can eat cereal for dinner if you want.  You have all the “me time” you desire to pamper yourself.  You can have a candle light bubble bath, drink red wine, listen to jazz and don’t have to worry about being sleep-deprived the next day.  (make sure you have your goodie drawer with your “Bedroom Kandi” after all that!  LOL

Girlfriends fill the void when you aren’t in a relationship.  You can count on them to hang with you and you can get your “flirt on” daily.  You can hone-in and perfect your eye-catching, man magnet skills.  Girls only getaways can be quite adventurous as well.  Girls night out can happen any night of the week.  It doesn’t matter what hour you get in, there isn’t a jealous man at home waiting up to argue with you.

Single life is usually less stressful.  You are only responsible for yourself.  Shopping sprees, buying Michael Kors handbags and Christian Louboutin shoes are nice without having to sneak them in the house or having to explain why you spent so much money on yourself.

Online dating can be an alternative to being in a relationship.  You can meet hot men and go on dates when you want to be in the company of a man  (you get wined and dined and you get to keep your coin) LOL.

Single ladies, get your life and enjoy your freedom while you can!



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